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Places to Eat

Sit in or take out, experience Israeli Cuisine.

Blue Sky

Coastal Plain

This great dairy restaurant was opened by famed chef Meir Adoni. It’s on the top of the Ritz Carlton hotel - hence...

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This is a delicious dairy restuarant in the Nachalat Shiva neighborhood of Jerusalem. There is usually live music in...

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If you are driving North you have to go through Yokneam. You will miss this restaurant unless you know it’s there....

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La Marjolaine


This gourmet French restaurant is tucked into the Villa Galilee, a boutique hotel on the outskirts of Safed. Chef...

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Rozalia Cafe


The Rozalia Cafe is located in the old city of Bet She’an and right near the national park. Go there first for the...

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