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Basya and Tomer took on an adventure of a lifetime when they visited Israel for 3 weeks with their two ADORABLE daughters. Basya shares with us her love story as she and her husband took on the Holy Land.

What was your most memorable moment in Israel?
I’ll never forget the time we went off roading and camping by the Dead Sea. Such an exhilarating and magical experience.

What was your average day in Israel like?
We didn't miss a beat. Everyday we literally woke up, ate breakfast and hit the ground running for a day of adventure.

What was your favorite city to explore in Israel? Why?
Tzfat. The art district is just mind blowing. Such a wide range of creators and energy. We couldn’t take our eyes off the artisans creating candles and tapestries.

Would you recommend children travel with you when visiting? Why or why not?
Absolutely! Bring the kids!! There is so much for the kids to learn. You wouldn’t want to neglect them of this cultural experience, trust me.

What is you and your husband’s favorite place to go for a romantic getaway in Israel?
Jerusalem. We’d go to the marketplace and order fresh fish & chips and a big pitcher of local beer and sit back and people watch.

What’s something about Israel that most people don’t know?
Israel is so small, but there is so much to see. 3 weeks really isn't enough time to peel back the layers of how much there is to explore in Israel.

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