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ExploreIsrael.com on Forbes.com

ExploreIsrael.com in Forbes

Interested in the "business of" the Oscar gift bags? Forbes reports on sponsoring these gifts, including our own inclusion: two first class airline tickets to Israel, a 10-day stay at five star hotels, a security escort and all meals and transportation.

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Oscars Gift Bags Story in The Hollywood Reporter

ExploreIsrael.com in The Hollywood Reporter

Explore Israel included in luxury travel that Oscar nominees will take home in their gift bags:

Other luxury travel options include Golden Door Spa Retreat, ExploreIsrael.com, Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento, Italy, and Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como.

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Explore Israel Mentioned on NME

Explore Israel's Oscars swag bag inclusion gets converted into Euros on NME, valued at £38K.

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ExploreIsrael.com website on MoviePilot.com

ExploreIsrael.com Website As Seen On MoviePilot

Moviepilot highlighted Explore Israel's all-inclusive trip to Israel in their seven picks from the 42-item Oscars gift-bag:

This is a 10-day all-inclusive trip to Israel for the nominee and a friend (or me, maybe). This trip of a lifetime includes two first class tickets and five star hotels with meals, transportation, and private security included (doesn't sound too different from the life of an A-Lister anyway). Alright, Brie Larson, now would be a great time for you...

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Explore Israel featured on DailyMail.co.uk

Covering the record $232,000 Oscar gift bag for nominees, the Daily Mail writes:

The priciest item in the swag bag is a ten-day first-class trip with Explore Israel worth $55,000.

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Explore Israel Oscar Gift Bag Invitation

"And the winner is..." Oscar-nominated actors and directors to receive glamorous trips to Israel at the 2016 Academy Awards

New York - February 8, 2016: Whoever wins the acting and directing Academy Awards this year, each of the Oscar-nominated actors and directors is going home with a major prize this year: a First-Class trip to Israel for two.


"2015 was the best year ever for American tourism to Israel," says Uri Steinberg, Israel Tourism Commissioner for North America, "and we hope this invitation to the Oscar nominees will build on that momentum."


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